Friday, March 25, 2011

Africa- 2011 Circuit Assembly in Mbarara, Uganda!

Sure enough, Trevor is back!
Sorry for the delay, all. I'll update you on our Circuit Assembly now!
March 18th, Chris, Taby, Ben (Our study), and Abraham all jumped in the car and drove to Mbarara, which is about 3 1/2 hours drive. The drive was beautiful most of the way, with the Rwenzori mountains escorting us on our trip.
When we arrived, we were just in time for the Pioneer Meeting at the Circuit Assembly, so we dropped off Abraham and Ben and headed over to the Kingdom Hall. You see, our Assembly here is held in the Kingdom Hall, where an addition was added (redundant?) outside in the form of a tarp and plastic chairs. It could hold a little bit above 300.

The very moment we walked into the Kingdom Hall, Chris, Taby, and I all felt absolutely amazing! The Spirit of Jehovah was so strong, I swear we felt like we could fly. The Pioneer meeting was very, very good. It was honestly one of the best ones I remember. For more information, Chris and Taby have a good post on it on their blog. I have it linked on the side bar.

Anyway, moving on.
The next two days were very entertaining, as we broke it up between Mzungu brothers and local brothers. There were 3 couples from Japan serving in Mbarara as need greaters. They are all from the Chiba congregation, the very same one that I've been looking into to moving to! That's a lot of to's...Did that make sense? Looking into moving to? Maybe that's how you are supposed to say it...*shrug*
Makoto and Satomi
Anyway, it was very funny to see the different mindsets of the different lifestyles of the brothers. Then seeing them come together to form our assembly program was awesome. It gave me plenty to laugh about. If you've had your Circuit Assembly, imagine most of the illustrations being about bananas and cows. Or maybe farming.
It rained a lot the second day
It was awesome.
I had my own room in the hotel!! I've never had so much space! You see, I have a rather large family, so we usually bunk together in the Motorhome for the Conventions and Districts. This time, though, was awesome. I had my own bed, my own shower, my own bathroom, my own everything!

So, after leaving on the last day, we headed back home. On the way to Fort Portal again, we saw an Elephant! The only thing is, it was like a mile away. So we were a bit disappointed about the fact it was so far away. What happens next? About 5 mins later, we come across another Elephant, this time right next to the road! So Chris backed up and Taby whipped out her camera. I hopped out for a second and Taby took a picture, and eventually we made our way back on the road.
The rest of the trip home, we saw a few other things. A buffalo, (no big deal) some baboons, (no big deal) some Kob, (No big deal) an albino, (kinda sad) and some criminals. (Kinda awesome)

Now, I am getting ever close to my leave date. I have 3 weeks before I arrive home. Then it is save, save, save to prepare for Honduras. Nothing is holding me back from Honduras but money. So in 3 weeks the job hunting begins!

Thats about it for now, so I'll end it here. Please remember our brothers in Japan and Russia. They continue in our prayers.

Random dance time!
*Does a little dance*
You didn't dance, did you?

Ps. Great! I have 37 readers now, just 3 more and I'll bake cookies for everyone! Then I'll eat them because my readers are too spread out.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Trevor, it sounds like you had an amazing time.
    Momma Kasper

  2. I love reading your posts Trevor. It'll be good to have you home for awhile tho. Hope we can share some time together when you get back. Maybe we can have a family thing. But then everyone! has missed you so guess we'll have to spread you around! Does that poke out your minds eye?! Love you, gran.

  3. I never know how to use this post thing. ;-(

  4. Woohoo! I'm sitting here with my awesome buddy, Val. She just started following your blog... that's 38! But I warn you... she's as ornery as me. Haha! We'll see if we can get her hubby on as well. :-)

    Awesome post, Bro! Sounds like a great weekend. Especially the pioneer session. I know that feeling, you walk in the hall and it's absolutely buzzing. Great feeling! Gives me goosebumps.

    So your family has done RVing? My family lived in an RV on Kingdom Hall builds for three months at a time... a whole other way of life, right? I bet you had black water duty. :-P

  5. What kind of cookies do you like Trevor? Gran will make you some when you get home.

  6. 本当にすごい! d( ̄  ̄) but don't eat mine! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 I'll be close enough I WILL DRIVE 8 HOURS TO GET MINE!!! ( ̄ー ̄) I like cookies.

    よかった。i just finished ours for the filipino circuit this weekend in Seattle. This assembly was absolutely amazing! It was such an eye opening program. うれしい!Was that your first assembly in the foreign language field?

  7. Momma Kasper- Nice to hear from you. I'm glad that you like it; I'll try to keep it interesting!

    Grangran- That is funny, Gran. I mean, sort of stereotypical, but funny still. /:]

    Jenny- Woohoo! 38 now! Thanks 1,000,017-1/2!
    Btw, dear Val.

    Nautica- Ahahaha! I have your cookies perched on the edge of a plank, looking down at a tub of milk! Chocolate chip on one side, peanutbutter on the other! Which will you choose to save?! Muwahahaha! The other will be devoured by your's truly!
    Oh, and that was wonderful to hear about your convention! :D

  8. Peanut butter. (♯`∧´)

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