Sunday, February 13, 2011

Africa- As the Time Flies

Its true. Time has taken to the sky, and is now climbing high into the clouds. As it is now, I have 8 weeks of Africa left. April 18th I take to the skies, ending my adventures in Africa, and once again seeking out my new skyline. Now comes the most common question after I tell people how much time I have left: "Will you go back?" Why does everyone ask me that?!?! Ok, I'll give you a small answer for now, and if you want a more in depth one, come meet me in person and I'll tell you.
At this moment, my skyline path does not double back on itself. There are still too many skylines that I've not seen, and still too many to follow.

Make sense? No? Well stop thinking so hard.

On to other news! Fred. Remember Fred? He had to go to another town for some time... I haven’t seen him since. Poo. Oh well, I’ve been calling on his friend. She is studying now with a sister and doing well. I think that she likes it, too, because she really seemed to get a nice grasp of the bible when we explained it to her. She is pretty cool, too.

On to (other) other news! I met someone named Gift today. I've met a lot of people with names like that.
Joy (Not that unusally, really),
Salt and Pepper
Long Suffering (Ok, I made that one up)
So on and so forth. I've never heard so many bible names since coming here. They're everywhere. Myself, though, I call myself Salt. And I have a friend called Pepper. Can you guess why?

I haven't much time, (or a clue about what to say) so I'm going to leave you all with one final thought for the day. I've come to a great realization. I love goats.

Alright, I'm taking requests for a post! Mostly cus I have no idea what you would like to hear. So, if you want to hear something, drop a comment and let me know. It will give me time to figure out how to present it and such. :] Much fun.
Thanks for reading, and I'm very, very sorry for taking so long to post. :[ Forgive me, and I'll go out to dinner with you, your treat!



  1. Hey you forgot names like Clever and Providence...what's up with that?

  2. Sure! I'll treat you to dinner! Ever been to Costco? Hot dog and Coke (or Dew) for $1.50. Only the best for you Bro! Actually, if you were in my 'neck-of-the-woods', I'd cook ya up a big Italian spread! (Or Mexican? Your pick!)

    Nice to see you back in cyber-world! Requests?? Um... how about a top five list. As you wind down your time there, top five things you learned, things you like there, what you'll miss. What you don't miss about western culture and what you do. It would be interesting for us to read and maybe a good thing for you to have in writing to look back on. Sometimes there's little details and impressions that we think we'll never forget.. but we get on with other things and do forget. It's interesting to write down details while its fresh. Just a thought!

  3. Chris/Taby- Forgive me, if you please. :]

    Jenny- Nice request! I'll see what I can do!

  4. If you came to Costco with me we would just walk thru and taste all the samples like 5 times..... Unless u are hungry-er.... Then we try on clothes in the isl and go another 3 times to all the booths.... & U R NOT FORGIVEN FOR TAKING FOREVER TO POST!!!!! I WAS MORE WORRIED SICK THAN YOUR MOTHER!!!!! I thought u were sacrificed to a African god or devoured by a lion....
    REQUEST FOR POST: please tell us how Jehovah used fort portal to train you for your next assignment or skyline and what effect has Uganda made on your long term goals as far as if and who you would marry in order to keep up with you and the never ending skylines..... Man hug! Lol

  5. When you get back, I'll give you $10 to go buy yourself a great big meal at Mickey D's...after I get a job. Although I must say, Zech's idea is much better...and cheaper.

    Revision: I'll let you treat yourself to the Costco sample tables in honor of Zech. I'll even give you and those daring (or hungry) enough to go with you a ride to Costco, under one think of Zech each time you sample.

    Good to hear you're alive.

  6. Zech- How wonderful of you to offer costco samples! Man, always the best for your friends! No lions or African gods displeased with me yet, thank goodness. *thumbs up*

    Nautica- Alive and kicking! How can I trust your driving in the cold, snowy, winters? Are you safe enough? Wait...actually yeah, I think you are. Didn't I ride in your car in service once or twice? I forget...Oh well, lets go to costco this next convention! (grabs the camera)

  7. Ooo, ooo! Is it pushing it to make one more request? How about an interview with fellow need greaters (Rovert the reporter? Haha!) ... Specific experiences of how Jehovah opened the door for them to be in that assignment (or stay there). Seems everyone who reaches out in that way has 'a story'. Usually starts with "We didn't know how we were going to do it" and ends with "It was obvious it was Jehovah's direction". I love those kind of experiences! Maybe will help others who are desirous of that path... but who are hesitant.

  8. Oh, by the way... just remembered another one: Revocade!!! I was kind of considering it just in case one day I'm going to have a kid.