Saturday, December 4, 2010

Africa- The Need Greaters Part 1

Would you all like to get to know some of the need greaters here? Then come on over, and spend some time with us! Ok, presumably that is not as easy as me just telling you a little bit about them, so I'll try my best to tell you all what they're like. Remember, the best way is to find out yourself. *nudge nudge*

The Panduros 

Chris Panduro
Christopher is a young man (at heart?), filled with energy and personality. Without saying too much about his personal life (as I have no business sharing that), Chris has defied the odds and done more than most people in his situation. The amount of growth and determination to be fully devoted to Jehovah is phenomenal and encouraging to those around him. In his own way, he continues to defy 'logic' and others' perception of what is 'reasonable'. He has a constant sense of zeal that I honestly envy.
If you ever got the chance to meet Chris, you would most likely be drawn by his kindness and humor. Goofing off is an art form, and Chris is mastering it daily. The brothers in the congregation have only said wonderful things about Chris, and they all have love for him. One of the most experienced need greaters in the area, he has figured out what it takes to enjoy his time here despite the craziness that is Africa.

Tabita Panduro

Brave and fearless, Tabi is Chris' wife. She is small, (Sorry) tough, and not afraid to do what needs done. She is also very capable of standing up for herself. The other side of the coin, however, is a very loyal and determined human being. Full of life, just like her husband, Tabi has become a great friend to the local need greater community and a wonderful addition to the local congregation. She has lovingly taken the 'big sister' role for me, providing an anchor when times are rough in a country where everything is different and learning to adapt is part of everyday life. Already she is teaching me how to cook somethings, and is filled with tips to make life here easier.

The Bennetts

Brian Bennett

Loving husband and great/supportive friend, Brian Bennett has let me stay with him and his wife, Rowena Bennett. Full of jokes and as many laughs, he is a joy to be around. He was born in Uganda, left for the UK,  and now has lived here many years. Years in Kampala lead him to eventually move to Fort Portal where the people are better, the pace is slower, and the weather is milder. Now he seems to enjoy everyday, and him and Chris have both become great friends. Despite challenges that I won't share, he is zealous in the field and determined to stay in Africa for the need. Brian and his wife both are known for taking in need greaters and providing them a place to stay. A place to call home when they are so far from their home.

Rowena Bennett

Rowena is most likely the kindest person I've ever met. I don't think she has ever raised her voice, if she even knows how. There are times where Rowena is being so nice its almost infuriating! You almost WANT her to call you a name or make fun of your clothes or something. I'm still unsure how so much kindness fits into such a small woman, but the truth is that she will stop at nothing to make sure you're comfortable and well taken care of. She has a very nurturing nature about her. She has risen above all the impossible difficulties that shaped her life, and proven to be stronger than most despite her small frame. Now she spends her time giving need greaters a place to call home, serving in the field, and taking care of those around her, especially her husband, Brian.
Of course, this is just a small taste of the personalities that are here in Fort Portal. I could never hope to give you an accurate estimate of what they're really like. A paragraph and picture do not do justice, but its the best I can do. :] I hope you like them, and maybe even are interested in learning more by visiting us! Who knows, maybe Africa will be your home someday. 
Oh, I almost forgot someone.

 Naive and unaware, I learn the hard way. I'm not a studious person, neither am I in possession of the strongest resolve in difficult situations. The upside, however, is that I am able to see the examples of the Bethelites I've served with and the local need greaters here in Fort Portal. The things they've overcome, the ideas they've denied that would've harmed them, so on and so forth. With such an example, I am motivated to move forward, no matter the pain. Thanks, guys. I needed the help. (Still do, for that matter)


  1. ...Wow. I am at a loss for words. Thanks for sharing this with us. This post is certainly among my favorites. It's like I've been introduced to the crew (a little late 冗談冗談) for the blog (or characters for this story)of this journey in this land Fort Portal. It was very well put together, and I feel that I have gotten to know these brothers and sisters (even if just a little). 本とに有賀と!

    P.S. Have you been getting sleep, bags under your eyes accompanied with dark circles...冗談冗談 seriously! The picture looks fine!

  2. It was a bit late, wasn't it? Haha sorry! Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Its one of my most serious posts, and that was hard to do!
    Ps. About the bags and circle, didn't I tell you? Oh man it must have slipped my mind. I'm slowly turning evil. >:]

  3. これは残念だよ。ヽ(´o`;

  4. What wonderful insights into your friends and fellow servants of Jehovah in Fort Portal. They sound like sterling examples for all of us and we would LOVE to be able to meet them--although it may have to wait until Paradise.

  5. What a great bunch of friends! Nice to meet them all and hear of how their sterling example has helped you.

  6. Say hello to Brian and Rowena for me if you are still there.
    Brian Goldsmith.