Monday, November 29, 2010

Africa- The Great Wall

Once again, I find myself all alone in Africa. Remember the Panduros? They left for the UK for about a month, so I am house sitting for them.. The Bennetts are in Kampala for a few days, so I'm on my own. Well, the Gubsers are around, but I don't want to bother them too much.
So for the first night of being alone, I decided to have a mini celebration. Kind of like a sleep over where no one else is invited. Have you ever had one of those? They're celestially amazing. I decided to make mine themed: "Random".
I had peanut butter spoons with beer while watching a Japanese film called Departures (Awesome movie) in the middle of Africa at 1am all alone, taking a break every now and then to play ocarina and listen to music. It was blissful. You should really try it sometime.

Here is a story to pass the time.

Trevor and the Gated Wall

"Where are my keys?"
"Ah, found them."
I reached my hand into the small hole, holding the keys. I grasp blindly until I find the padlock that keeps me from opening the gate.
"Found it!"
That was all I could think as I realized that I dropped the keys inside the gate. I peeped through the little hole and saw them staring at me, like a scared child looking for its mother. It took me a few moments to pull my eyes away from the keys, as my mind was thoroughly occupied with trying to figure out what to do.
I was left with one choice. Jump the gate. 
Not much thought was given to the idea of whether or not I would be able to make it. I had no choice. I either jumped the gate or waited for the Bennetts to get home, days later. That, however, wouldn't work as the kats (I know) would not find favor with such a choice.
So I walked up to the road and looked right, and then left. And then right again. Aaaaaand then left. Decided that no one was around, I turned around and attached myself to the wall like an overgrown spidermonkey, noises included. (NOT a Twilight reference) With blind hope that nothing too dangerous was on the other side where I might land, I vaulted up and forward, sending myself flying over the top of the wall. I landed with a thump on the other side with only my feet and ego hurt.
That is pretty much it.
Since then I have decided to be MUCH more careful when unlocking the gate from the outside.


  1. haha i like the story..... =]

  2. Wow! Nice you almost sound like me! (clumsiness) party idea, isn't it fun!?

  3. I see you got the film. How did you like it. I am trying to remember cause i saw it about six months ago. Anyway sounds like everything is going great.